St. Benedict Crucifix


Crafted from nickel silver or yellow brass alloys using a traditional and time-honored sand casting process.

Sand, with a combination of clay and water, is used to create a single-use mold in which the molten metal is poured into to create the rough shape of the cross.


Inlaid by hand with Rosewood or Ebony.

Eight individual inlays are used for each St. Benedict crucifix, each cut, fit and inserted by hand.



Crucifixes are sanded and polished in numerous steps to achieve a seamless wood and metal cross which the corpus and INRI are mounted on using small nails.  The corpus is made from the same metal as the crucifix, in solid form, so there is no plating to wear off.

How to buy

You can purchase these crucifixes through the Sisters of Carmel website by following the link below.